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Cambridge Temporary and Short-Term Accommodation

Cambridge UK temporary and short term accommodations

Getting a seat in the Cambridge University is very prestigious indeed, but you may have to face problems when it comes to searching for places to stay. If you are going to live in Cambridge for a while as a […]

Cambridge Flats and Apartment Rentals

Cambridge UK flats

From the accommodation point of view, apartments are the perfect choice because of the host of comforts provided by them. Travelers and students in the UK prefer to stay in the apartment rentals as it satisfies their varied needs at […]

Cambridge Real Estate

Cambridge UK real estate

Finding a place to stay is always a frustrating task because there are many things that you have to consider. If you have reserved a seat for yourself in any of the colleges in the famed Cambridge University, then your […]

Cambridge Houses For Students and Shared Living

Cambridge UK houses for students

Cambridge, UK is a popular city that is acknowledged for its excellent 31 colleges/universities, in gorgeous historical settings. Accommodations offered to prospective students, returning students and university faculty, include private rentals, student houses, student flats/apartments, bed-sits and housing properties to […]

Cambridge University housing and living accommodations

Cambridge UK university accommodation11

Situated on the banks of the River Cam, Cambridge is a town that is noted for its architectural splendor and beautiful ambiance. Its reputation as an informational hub attracts millions of people year after year to this busy place. Cambridge […]

Cambridge University MBA

Cambridge university MBA

One of the most recognised and prestigious universities in the world, Cambridge University offers a wide range of courses to its students including the popular MBA course, which we shall look at in more detail in today’s guide. What is […]

Cambridge University Tuition and Admissions

Cambridge university tuition1

The historic and prestigious Cambridge University is considered to be one of the best in the world. So it is no wonder that admissions into the university are tough. In this guide we shall look at what you can expect […]

Cambridge University International Exams

Cambridge university international exams

Cambridge University is not only one of the world’s most prestigious universities but is also the world’s largest provider of international examinations. In this guide we shall look at some of the Cambridge University international exams that are available. About […]

Cambridge University History

Cambridge university history

Cambridge University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. It has a fascinating history that spans hundreds of years. In today’s guide we shall take a look into Cambridge University of the past and present. […]

Cambridge University Student Life

Cambridge university student life

Although Cambridge University is best known for being one of the world’s top universities, it is also a great place for students to spend their universities years. In this guide we shall look at what Cambridge University student life is […]

Cambridge University Jobs

Cambridge university jobs

Cambridge University is one of the most prestigious and renowned universities in the world. Working at the university is considered a privilege, and offers many perks. Below we shall look at some of the jobs that are available at Cambridge […]

Cambridge University Library

Cambridge university library

As expected from one of the world’s top universities, Cambridge University has one of the world’s best libraries with hundreds of thousands of books and journals. We shall look at what Cambridge University Library has to offer as well as […]

Cambridge University Sports

Cambridge university sports2

Although Cambridge University is best known for its outstanding academic reputation – students at the university also excel in a wide range of sports. Whether it’s competitive sport or purely for fun – there are plenty of sports to choose […]

Cambridge University Associations and Organisations

Cambridge university associations

Cambridge University is one of the world’s leading universities, however there is more to Cambridge life that just study and work. Students at the university are kept busy with hundreds of different associations and organisations that are available to join. […]

Cambridge University Alumni and Achievements

Cambridge university alumni

As one of the most respected and renowned universities in the world, Cambridge University has seen some of the most influential and important figures graduate through its doors since it first opened. Below we shall look at just a few […]

Cambridge University Academics and Courses

Cambridge university academics3

The historic university of Cambridge has had some of the world’s most influential people graduate from there. The courses offered by Cambridge University are demanding but are very highly regarded around the world. In this guide we shall look at […]

Cambridge Local Life

Cambridge UK local life5

Cambridge UK is a beautiful town that centers around the historic university of Cambridge. The town is situated in the county of Cambridgeshire, approximately 50 miles north-east of London. In this guide we shall look at what Cambridge UK local […]

Cambridge Geography and Demographics

Cambridge UK geography

Cambridge is a beautiful town in the United Kingdom. Renowned not only for its university but for its old English charm and picturesque green scenery, Cambridge is a popular destination for visitors from around the world. In this guide we […]

Cambridge Economy

Cambridge UK economy

The town of Cambridge is situated approximately 50 miles north-east of central London. Cambridge has one of the highest proportions of professional workers in the United Kingdom, and as such has a thriving economy. We shall look at Cambridge UK […]

Cambridge Transportation

Cambridge UK transporation

Cambridge is a wonderful town both to visit and live in. Fortunately once you arrive in Cambridge it is very easy to find your way around with a good network of bicycle and walking trails, public transport and roads. We […]

Cambridge UK Restaurants, Shopping and Entertainment

Cambridge UK restaurants

Cambridge UK is a large town that centers around the famous Cambridge University. There is always something to do in Cambridge, whatever time of year you are there. In this guide we shall look at your options for Cambridge UK […]

Cambridge Popular Activities

Cambridge UK

The city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom is one of the country’s most popular tourism destinations outside of the capital of London. Although the town is best known for being home to the historic Cambridge University, there is much […]

Cambridge Attractions

Cambridge UK attractions

Cambridge is one of the most popular and best-loved destinations for visitors to the United Kingdom. The town has a wide range of attractions, no matter what time of the year you visit. In this guide we shall look at […]

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