Cambridge University Associations and Organisations

Cambridge University is one of the world’s leading universities, however there is more to Cambridge life that just study and work. Students at the university are kept busy with hundreds of different associations and organisations that are available to join.

About Cambridge University Associations and Organisations

Like most British universities, Cambridge has a wide range of associations and organisations for their students to join. Many of these associations and organisations are academically oriented, whereas others are sports clubs and others are a bit more weird and wacky!

There are literally hundreds of different Cambridge University associations and organisations to join – so students with even the most off-wall interests are sure to be kept amused.

Below we shall look at some of the most popular categories of associations and organisations at Cambridge University.

Sporting Associations and Organisations

Sports are an important part of student life at Cambridge University. Practically every sport imaginable is played at Cambridge University. There are standard sports associations and organisations that you would expect such as basketball, football, swimming, golf, netball and tennis.

Other more unusual Cambridge university sports clubs include hare and hounds, korfball, orienteering, small bore and power lifting.

One of the sports that Cambridge University is best renowned for is rowing. The top Cambridge University rowers compete in inter-university competitions around the world each year and regularly take home the top prize.

Cambridge University has wonderful facilities for all types of sports, and teams regularly compete against other universities both in the United Kingdom and Overseas.

Academic Associations and Organisations

As Cambridge University is best known for its very strong academics, it is no wonder that the academic associations and organisations at the university are very popular among the students.

Every faculty and individual subject area has its own academic association that students can join. Within these clubs students have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the subject area and take part in any competitions that may happen. They also have the chance to discuss with their peers any questions or discoveries they have made.

Some of the academic associations at the university include: archaeology graduate society, astronomical society, Cambridge university history society, CU Geographical society and many more.

International Associations and Organisations

Cambridge University attracts students from all around the world, and this is reflected in the wide range of international clubs that are offered to students. Wherever you come from in the world, there is sure to be a club just for you.

Some of the current international associations include: the Hong Kong and China Affairs Society; CU Israel Society; CU Korean Society; CU Lithuanian Society; CU Malaysia and Singapore Association and CU Nigeria Society.

Drama and Arts Associations and Organisations

Drama and arts are also very popular at Cambridge University. Whether students choose to do it in a serious manner or simply as a way to relax after a hard week of study – the drama and arts clubs are great fun. Many of the clubs are very successful and students go on to become well-known performers.

There are several orchestras and choirs at the university including: Orchestra on the Hill; CU Philharmonic Orchestra; CU Recorder Ensemble; The Selwyn Jazz and CU Brass Band Society.

Additionally, dance is a popular choice for clubs at Cambridge University. Clubs include: ballet club; contemporary dance workshop; CU Dancers club; CU inter-varsity folk dance festival society and CU Lion Dance Troupe.

There are also a wide range of theatrical clubs such as CU Madhouse Theatre; CU Musical Theatre Society; Footlights dramatic clubs and classical drama society.

Other Cambridge University Associations and Organisations

The Cambridge University associations and organisations that we have looked at so far are just a few examples of the hundreds of clubs that are available. Students are also welcome to start up their own clubs if there isn’t one for their particular interest. To register a new association or organization, they must have their club accepted by the Junior Proctor.

Some of the clubs we haven’t mentioned so far include: Clay Pigeon Shooting Club; CU Domestic Violence Action Group; Expeditions Society; Fitzwilliam Museum Society; The International Criminal Court Student Network; the CU Japanese Interdisciplinary Forum and CU Lawyers without Borders.

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