Cambridge University housing and living accommodations

Situated on the banks of the River Cam, Cambridge is a town that is noted for its architectural splendor and beautiful ambiance. Its reputation as an informational hub attracts millions of people year after year to this busy place. Cambridge offers students an unforgettable educational experience, thanks to its numerous reputed universities, libraries, art galleries, museums, old fashioned pubs and others.

Types of accommodation

Students studying in the Cambridge University, UK can select from a plethora of options when it comes to their accommodation. Online accommodation services are offered by a majority of universities which can be used by students. For instance, students can choose from different types of short term and long term living accommodation such as private halls, rooms in shared flats, self contained flats/houses, lodgings Bread and breakfast, University accommodation and many others.

Ideally located right in the heart of this historic and unique city, some of the accommodations provide unmatched convenience to our students. Students can benefit from easy accessibility to their University including the best transport links when they stay in Cambridge University housing or apartment rentals. The university housing and living accommodations are available in areas such as Cambridge, Abbey, Broom field, Castle Hill, Chesterton, Petersfield and many others. Students can also decide based on the weekly rent band that may vary from 30 pounds to 100 pounds.

Luxurious properties

Living accommodation is of various types and the elite segment of student population can find the luxurious properties to be the ideal choice. These are elegant, refurbished properties that provide the best standards of student accommodation anywhere in the city. Some of the luxury studio apartments include three quarter size beds, bespoke Italian-designed furniture, wall mounted flat screen, integrated kitchen appliances, TVs and other facilities. Students can also make use of high speed internet connection free of charge while staying in these luxurious apartments or flats.

Students can enjoy an intimate and a friendly atmosphere including a strong community spirit when they stay in such living accommodations. Some of these accommodations come with a big communal kitchen and room that is perfect for socializing with neighbors and friends. Students can also have the advantage of staying in a safe and secure environment and rest assured that a knowledgeable and dedicated maintenance team will take care of all their requirements.

Private accommodation / halls

A lot of companies offer a choice of prices, room types and locations. However, students must be clear regarding the type of living experience they would prefer before selecting a specific accommodation for their needs. They can consider privately managed accommodation and halls if they like to meet lots of new people everyday. In this case they will be sharing accommodation with other students. Alternately, they can select studio flats which can let them have their own space while allowing them access to the communal areas.

Living in shared accommodation can be a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and a memorable experience. Some accommodation providers allow students to make a list of their preferences and they will take efforts to match them – this might be living with vegetarians or living in a completely male or female accommodation etc. They can also choose to stay in either furnished or unfurnished accommodation. The latter may be cheaper but they must take efforts to bring their own mattresses, beds etc.

Merits of off-campus rental accommodations

When students choose off-campus rental accommodations, they can enjoy more privacy. This can help them to concentrate and study in a better way. No rules and regulations are imposed on students when they stay in the off-campus houses. They can become more independent since they will be managing their finances including payment of bills themselves. However, on the downside, off-campus accommodations are costlier than the on-campus ones.

Students can get the best deals by budgeting and planning in advance. Prices can be quite competitive since some of the companies cater specifically for students. You can shop around in order to find the best deals to suit your needs.

By going through an ad in the paper or a letting agent, students can save a lot of money while looking for a rental property of their choice in Cambridge, UK.

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