Cambridge University Jobs

Cambridge University is one of the most prestigious and renowned universities in the world. Working at the university is considered a privilege, and offers many perks. Below we shall look at some of the jobs that are available at Cambridge University.

Types of Jobs at Cambridge University

Cambridge University has over 18,000 students studying there – and to cope with all the students there are over 8,000 staff members working at the university.

The types of jobs at Cambridge University extend far beyond the teaching staff; in fact there are jobs ranging from cleaning through to researchers, teachers assistants and more.

Academic Jobs at Cambridge University

Obviously as a university, Cambridge prides itself on its outstanding academic staff. Academic jobs include lecturers in all subject areas taught at the university. Lecturers are expected to be experts in their field as they will be teaching some of the world’s brightest up-and-coming minds.

In many cases there are temporary and part-time lecturer jobs; although there are also plenty of full-time positions as well.

Research Jobs at Cambridge University

Cambridge University is best known for its research facilities and work. Students and graduates from Cambridge University have been involved in some of the world’s most influential research projects – some of which have changed modern society.

The university pays research fellows and associates to carry out their research within the university. The positions change regularly, depending on the requirements of different colleges.

In addition, there are often positions for research assistants at Cambridge University that work alongside the research fellows and associates to assist in their research projects.

Researchers and assistants are an important part of life at Cambridge University, and there are usually numerous jobs available in this field.

Professorships and Directorship Jobs at Cambridge University

The highest levels of job at Cambridge University are the professorship and directorship jobs. Professors and directors at Cambridge University are considered global experts in their field.

There are professors and directors for every subject area and faculty at Cambridge University. The university looks around the world for the best candidates for the job. It takes years of experience and study to become a professor or director at Cambridge University.

Work Experience at Cambridge University

For secondary students who are living in the Cambridge area, work experience at Cambridge University is a great opportunity. The university offers a range of work experience opportunities for school-aged students. The work experience placements are decided by individual departments – so you should contact the department you are interested in working in for more advice.

Cambridge University also offers work experience opportunities for adults. Similarly, adult work experience candidates should start by contacting the department they are interested in to find out more about placement options.

How to Apply for Cambridge University Jobs

All Cambridge University jobs are posted on the university website Each job has its own individual application guidelines – however most will require you to submit a resume and a Cambridge University application for employment form. The form is quite long, and in most cases you won’t need to fill out all of it – it depends on the position you are applying for.

Employee Benefits at Cambridge University

All employees at Cambridge University are entitled to a wide range of benefits throughout their career.

If you have a family, there are opportunities for working flexibly as well as childcare, paternity and maternity leave and a career break scheme for Cambridge University staff. There is also a holiday play scheme for staff members with children.

As a staff member at Cambridge University you are also entitled to discounts at over 1,700 stores, health, dental and optical centers nationwide. You are also eligible for discounts on financial services such as home, car and travel insurance.

There are also health benefits for Cambridge University employees in the form of health care cash plans, discounted private medical schemes and there is soon to be a dental cash plan available as well.

In addition there are plenty of recreational and well-being benefits while you are working at Cambridge University such as sports and leisure clubs, an occupational health service and staff counseling service.

Finally, all staff at Cambridge University are offered a wide range of ways to enhance your knowledge through training and professional development programs.

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