Cambridge University Sports

Although Cambridge University is best known for its outstanding academic reputation – students at the university also excel in a wide range of sports. Whether it’s competitive sport or purely for fun – there are plenty of sports to choose from at Cambridge University.

History of Cambridge University Sports

Cambridge University has a long history of sporting excellence. Many of the world’s top athletes have attended Cambridge University. There are dozens of sporting clubs and associations that students can join at the university. Many of the clubs are simply for fitness or fun whereas others are much more competitive. Students from the university regularly successfully compete overseas and across the country in sporting competitions.

Famous Cambridge University Sporting Alumni

With Cambridge University having such a wonderful sports reputation, it is no wonder that many famous athletes and sporting personalities have graduated from the university.

There have been over fifty Olympic medalists from Cambridge University, with six of those being at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

One of the most famous sporting graduates from Cambridge University is Deng Yaping – a Chinese six-time world table tennis champion. Another famous graduate is Harold Abrahams, one of history’s best sprinters and athletes.

Many people around the world will be happy that Winton and Thring attended Cambridge University – as they were the inventors of the modern game of football.

George Mallory was also a Cambridge University graduate – and he is possibly the first man to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Rowing at Cambridge University

The most renowned sport done at Cambridge University is rowing. It is a very popular sport at the university, and there are regular competitions both between different colleges and with other universities both in the United Kingdom and overseas.

The most famous rowing races at Cambridge University are against the rival university of Oxford – in particular the Boat Race.

Rowers at Cambridge University are members of the Cambridge University Boat Club (CUBC), which was established in 1828. Several Olympic rowers have been members of the CUBC and the club is considered to be one of the best university rowing clubs in the United Kingdom.

Varsity Sports at Cambridge University

Cambridge University takes part in a whole range of other varsity sports against Oxford University. Some of the most popular varsity sports played at Cambridge University are cricket, cross-country and rugby; as well as more obscure sports such as tiddlywinks and chess.

Cambridge University varsity sports teams regularly take the top spot and are recognised around the world for their talented sportsmen and women.

Staying Fit at Cambridge University

If you don’t want to take part in any sports, but you do want to stay fit – then you can always join the university gym – Fenner’s Fitness Suite. There are numerous exercise rooms that have state-of-the-art equipment including tread mills, weights, rowing machines and more.

There is a fee to join the fitness suite – however it is significantly cheaper than joining a commercial gym. A range of classes such as yoga and pilates are also offered at the gym.

In addition to Fenner’s Fitness Suite, there are several other gyms around the university that are open to students. There are also swimming pools, courts and playing fields that are free for students to use for a variety of sports.

Other Cambridge University Sports

There aren’t many sports that can’t be played at Cambridge University. Some of the categories of sports played at Cambridge University include water sports, team sports, martial arts, racket sports, aquatics and more.

Some of the most popular sports clubs include: table tennis club, volleyball club, korfball club, rugby fives club, powerlifting club, riding club, ski and snowboarding club and triathlon club.

Sports Scholarships and Bursaries at Cambridge University

Talented athletes and sportsmen and women at Cambridge University may be eligible for a range of financial support options throughout their time at the university.

There are three main scholarships and bursaries on offer for athletes at Cambridge University: Eric Evans Fund, Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) and Hawk’s Charitable Trust.

Several of the individual colleges also offer financial support for talented athletes.

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