Cambridge University Student Life

Although Cambridge University is best known for being one of the world’s top universities, it is also a great place for students to spend their universities years. In this guide we shall look at what Cambridge University student life is really like.

About Cambridge University Student Life

Cambridge University is a large university with over 18,000 students. It is situated in the picturesque and historic town of Cambridge – approximately an hour’s drive north of London. The centre of the town is practically made up of university buildings – so student life in Cambridge is very tight-knit and student-orientated.

Studying at Cambridge University

Studying at Cambridge University is different to many other universities. Being accepted into Cambridge University is an impressive achievement and you are expected to work hard while you are there.

The study work load at Cambridge University is significantly more than most other universities and as such you are not allowed to take part in any paid work during term time. This is because you simply do not have enough time to concentrate on the both.

Despite the high expectations of students at Cambridge University – it’s not all about hard work! There are plenty of ways for students to get involved with extracurricular activities and simply enjoy themselves when they are not studying.

Living at Cambridge University

Cambridge University differs from most other universities in that it guarantees you college-owned accommodation for at least three years. This means that you will be living on campus with other students at all times.

There is more to the accommodation at Cambridge University than just a bed to sleep in, though. Your halls of residence are where you will do the majority of your socialising and studying.

The benefit of this type of accommodation is that it is subsidised by the university meaning you don’t have to pay the high rent prices that you would have to outside of the university accommodation. Additionally, you only pay for your accommodation when you are there – not during the holidays.

Cambridge University Clubs and Societies

Cambridge University has literally hundreds of clubs and societies that students can join. The types of clubs available range from purely academic through to the weird and wonderful! Whatever your interests are, there is almost certainly a club for you. However, if you can’t find a club you’d like to join – you can start your own!

Examples of clubs and societies at Cambridge University include: quiz society; natural history society; darts club; anime and manga society; and dozens of sports clubs.

Cambridge University Student Unions

Like at most British universities, the student union is the hub for student life. Not only are the student unions at Cambridge University a place for students to meet up and relax, but the place where they can go for welfare, support and information.

At Cambridge University, there is the main student union – CUSU – as well as a student union for each college. The college student unions are called JCR (Junior Common Rooms). Each of the JCR’s have their own bar and a range of entertainment options.

Cambridge University Nightlife

Cambridge is a university town, so it is no surprise that there are plenty of nightlife options. Nightlife options range from casual bars through to late-night dance clubs. There is something to suit everyone’s taste.

If you like the bar scene, then there are several bars that students tend to hang out at. The Eagle is the most famous of the Cambridge University bars, and has been a student favourite for many years. Even if you don’t want to go for a drink, it’s interesting just to go and look at the ceiling that is scrawled with signatures of World War II pilots who were stationed there. Other popular bars include La Raza and B Cambridge.

For those looking for a bigger night out – Fez Club is a student favourite. This Moroccan-themed nightclub offers great drink deals and attracts some of the UK’s best DJ’s.

Live music is also very popular at Cambridge University. The most popular live music venue in the town is Cambridge Corn Exchange; many popular music and comedy acts have performed here. Kambar is another live music venue that specialises in Indie and alternative music.

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