Cambridge UK local life5

Cambridge Local Life

Cambridge UK is a beautiful town that centers around the historic university of Cambridge. The town is situated in the county of Cambridgeshire, approximately 50 miles north-east of London. In this guide we shall look at what Cambridge UK local […]

Cambridge UK geography

Cambridge Geography and Demographics

Cambridge is a beautiful town in the United Kingdom. Renowned not only for its university but for its old English charm and picturesque green scenery, Cambridge is a popular destination for visitors from around the world. In this guide we […]

Cambridge UK economy

Cambridge Economy

The town of Cambridge is situated approximately 50 miles north-east of central London. Cambridge has one of the highest proportions of professional workers in the United Kingdom, and as such has a thriving economy. We shall look at Cambridge UK […]

Cambridge UK transporation

Cambridge Transportation

Cambridge is a wonderful town both to visit and live in. Fortunately once you arrive in Cambridge it is very easy to find your way around with a good network of bicycle and walking trails, public transport and roads. We […]

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