Cambridge Local Life

Cambridge UK is a beautiful town that centers around the historic university of Cambridge. The town is situated in the county of Cambridgeshire, approximately 50 miles north-east of London. In this guide we shall look at what Cambridge UK local life is really like.

Cambridge UK Restaurants and Food

It’s impossible to go hungry in Cambridge, as there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Due to the high proportion of international students at Cambridge University, you can find practically every type of cuisine in Cambridge at affordable prices. There are also plenty of more luxurious restaurants for those looking to splash out.

So whether you’re after a late night pizza or a Michelin-starred restaurant for you and a loved one – you’ll find it all in Cambridge.

Like in most parts of the United Kingdom, pub meals are very popular with the locals. If you want to try some typically English cuisine then try any of the many Cambridge pubs around the town centre and beyond.

As well as restaurants there are plenty of supermarkets and grocery stores in Cambridge where you can stock up on food and snacks. You’ll find that some are open until late in the night and even 24 hours a day.

Cambridge UK Music and Entertainment

The music and entertainment scene is very good in Cambridge. Live music is very popular in the town and there are several genres of music that can regularly be found around the town. The Cambridge Corn Exchange is one of the most popular live music venues in Cambridge, with live music every day of the week. Many popular acts also come to play there.

If you like jazz, then you will enjoy live modern jazz three times a week at The Elm Tree on Orchard Street.

There are also several theatres in Cambridge, including ADC Theatre, Cambridge Arts Theatre and Mumford Theatre. Many of these showcase local talent and tickets are often very affordable.

If you want to watch the latest movies in Cambridge, there are four cinemas in central Cambridge – the biggest of which is the Vue Cinema.

Cambridge UK Nightlife

Nightlife in Cambridge is very good due to the large student population. There is always something happening every night of the week, however expect it to be quite quiet during university holidays and exam periods.

There are all types of nightlife options, including quiet, comfortable bars, all-night dance clubs, classy cocktail bars, typical English pubs and much more. Some nights are for students only, so you will need a student card to be able to get in.

Cambridge UK Shopping

Everyone loves to shop, and fortunately you can find everything you need in Cambridge. There are all sorts of stores to choose from in Cambridge ranging from bargain shopping through to high-class boutiques.

The main high street of Cambridge is one of the most popular places for Cambridge locals to shop. You’ll find all the latest fashions and popular high street brands along this street. There are also several department stores.

If you’re after some local produce such as fruit, vegetables and arts and crafts then make sure you don’t miss the historic markets that happen in Market Square from Monday through Saturday. The markets have been a part of Cambridge UK local life since Saxon times.

Festivals and Events in Cambridge UK

There are always events and festivals happening in and around Cambridge UK throughout the year. The locals love to take part in these events and they are an important part of Cambridge UK local life.

The summer months are the busiest for events and there are regular festivals that include music, art, family fun and more. Some of the most popular annual summer Cambridge festivals include Pop in the Park, Jazz on Jesus Green and Summer in the City.

Food and drink festivals are also very popular in Cambridge. The Beer Festival is certainly one of the most popular with the students and locals alike. You’ll find a range of beer tastings, cheese, pickles and other English favourites for you to try at the festival.

The European and French markets are also very popular throughout the year in Cambridge.

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