Cambridge Popular Activities

The city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom is one of the country’s most popular tourism destinations outside of the capital of London. Although the town is best known for being home to the historic Cambridge University, there is much more to the town than just that. We look at some Cambridge UK popular activities in today’s guide.

About Cambridge UK Popular Activities

Cambridge is a beautiful town that exudes English charm from every corner. Visiting the university is by far the most popular activity in Cambridge, however there are plenty of things to see and do no matter what time of the year you visit the town.

While many of the most popular Cambridge UK activities are best experienced during the warm, summer months, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy them at any time of the year.

Hire a Punt in Cambridge

Hiring a punt in Cambridge is not only popular for visitors to the town – but for locals too. The tradition dates back to around 1902 when they were first introduced. Particularly during the summer months it is not unusual to see dozens of punts passing by along the River Cam.

It is the perfect way to see Cambridge from a different angle, as it passes some of the town’s best and most popular attractions. You can either hire a punt and sail it yourself or get someone to take you on a tour.

Punts are relatively inexpensive to hire, however during the summer months you may need to put your name on a waiting list as they are very popular for tourists.

Walking and Cycling in Cambridge UK

The scenery around Cambridge is ideal for enjoying the great outdoors either by foot or on a bicycle. Cambridge is a very green town with plenty of beautiful parks and green spaces to relax in and enjoy.

The picturesque River Cam that flows through the heart of Cambridge is surrounded by grassy areas that extend right into the centre of the town. You don’t have to walk far to find a perfect picnic spot or somewhere to kick a football around. There are also parks with kids playgrounds, tennis courts and more – which is what makes it a Cambridge UK popular activity.

The Cambridge University Botanic Garden is certainly worth a visit. Explore the wide range of plant species and large collection of mature trees.

Cycling is also one of the most popular Cambridge UK activities. Most students in Cambridge get around by bicycle and the streets are very cyclist-friendly, with designated bike lanes and plenty of places where you can store it when you aren’t using it.

Visit the Cambridge Markets

The Cambridge markets date back to the Saxon times, and continue to be a great Cambridge tradition and popular activity. It is not uncommon to see both locals and tourists alike visiting the markets to pick up fresh local produce and a wide range of arts and crafts.

The markets are open from Monday through Saturday and there are also several other specialist markets that are open around the town on different days.

Visit Cambridge University

No visit to Cambridge is complete without this Cambridge UK popular activity – the university. Even the locals enjoy taking a stroll around the various historic buildings that make up the university. Not all of the colleges are open for visitors, and some are only open on certain days and times of the year. However, many are open all year round and there is usually at least one for you to visit and look around.

Sports at Cambridge UK

Sports are some of the best loved Cambridge UK popular activities. One of the world’s most popular and well-known sports – football – was invented by graduates of Cambridge University in 1848. Football continues to be a popular activity in Cambridge and the local team – Cambridge United F.C. – regularly plays home games that locals enjoy going to watch.

Water sports, in particular rowing, is another popular activity in Cambridge all year round. The Cambridge University rowing club is one of the most successful and well-known rowing clubs in the world. You can usually see them training in the early mornings along the River Cam.

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