Cambridge Real Estate

Finding a place to stay is always a frustrating task because there are many things that you have to consider. If you have reserved a seat for yourself in any of the colleges in the famed Cambridge University, then your next plan in the agenda would be to go looking for places where you can get decent accommodations.

Types of Accommodations

There are different types of accommodations that are available in Cambridge – the off campus accommodation and the on campus accommodation. Apart from that, you can also try out the different alternate accommodation systems that are offered by housing groups formed by YMCA, The Whitfield Group and the Aldwyk Housing Group.

You can always approach these alternate groups if you don’t find any other place to stay. There are housing plans for long-term students and short-term students. These accommodations are mainly divided into three main categories – university owned, college owned and private landlord owned. Only thing is, you should start your hunt early.

How to Start

Going about looking for an accommodation is simple enough if you are an early bird. You can get hold of the evening newspaper editions from Cambridge where there are explicit details about accommodation for students. Apart from that, you can try for accommodations while sitting at the other end of the globe too. There are websites just dedicated to this sole purpose. They help hundreds of thousands of students every year. They understand the difficulty the students face when they have to come and live in entirely new surroundings.

As a student, you may not be able to gauge the lay of the land as they do. You need a place, which will agree with you and make it easy for you to concentrate on your studies. It is a daunting task if you do it alone and an exciting one if you have assistance. These experts will help you with every task right from filling in the application forms to getting your place. You may have to provide a couple of references in your application forms so the experts can double check your story. They will want to know everything about you including the details of your course.

Short-term and Long-term options

New comers and visiting students can find accommodation in their specific location if they visit agents who specialize on this one task. Temporary locations are often listed based on location so you can choose from that. They will be mostly divided into Central Locations, South/East of City Centre, South/West of City Centre, South/East Villages, North West Villages, South West Villages, North East Villages, North/East of City Centre and North/West of City Centre.

There are so many options out there for people who are looking for short-term accommodations. They can find discounts and mortgages too. Some places offer discounts for as low as 40% for a temporary stay. These include houses, flats, and bungalows. There are offers that you cannot resist because most of the places are highly refurbished, modernized and highly equipped.

For example, if you are looking for a single accommodation in Plymouth area then you will be pleased to note that there are more than 200 apartments fully furnished with all the modern amenities and ready to occupy. There are highly established companies too that help students get their accommodation. They will help you find a good place in plush localities in the shortest time possible.

Regarding long term options, there are about 7 student agencies that offer to find places to stay for people who are looking to save money. There are Cambridge home stays and you can easily search for this by typing it out in any search engine. Several apartment-housing complexes allow long-term stays; they include both high class and economical accommodations. The price, of course, depends on the various amenities you would require like separate bath and so on.

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