Cambridge Temporary and Short-Term Accommodation

Getting a seat in the Cambridge University is very prestigious indeed, but you may have to face problems when it comes to searching for places to stay. If you are going to live in Cambridge for a while as a resident student, then you will have to find a place that will provide all the facilities to further your education. The type of company that you keep, the people who live around, all matters a great deal when you are a student. So search for your options carefully all the while keeping in mind the fact that you are going there to study and not to just have a colorful time.

Booking Online is Easy

Even if you are residing in another part of the globe, you can book an accommodation in Cambridge by simply searching for it online. There are several websites just dedicated to this purpose. You can register in one of these sites, discuss your requirements and make your points clear. You can even talk with their agents in live chat so that all the doubts are cleared then and there. You can find rooms, flats and houses both for temporary and short term staying purposes.

You will have to send in online applications complete with references and all so that the agents will communicate the same with your prospective landlord. They may or many not check up on the details of your course and on details of conduct and verify that you are a harmless person to put up.

Using Community Forums

There are forums where students who are joining for the new courses, meet up and get to know each other. There are sites like Craig list where you yourself can find accommodation with the type of people you want to live with. You can discuss your likes and dislikes with your prospective roommate, so that you will know what to expect and what not to when the time comes. Many people find their accommodations in this manner and so these forums are very active. You will also find students who have put up offers of spare rooms; hunt them up and you can take it from there.

Living in the heart of Cambridge could be a bit expensive for you if you are conscious about your budget. Moving into the outskirts will find you some apartments and independent houses that will suit your taste. Since it will cost your valuable time to travel up and down, living in the main part of the University where your college is located is the most feasible idea. If you have people to help with the rent, well and good.

Places Where Students Reside For Long-Term Purposes

If you are sure of which college you are going to attend, then you have the choice of deciding among a variety of options. You can choose to stay in privately owned houses let exclusively for students, University owned buildings and halls, private landlord owned flats and apartments and finally self-serviced houses. When it comes to student’s interests, there is not much disparity between their tastes. There are places in Cambridge where students love to reside and populate. A handful of those places are Mill Road, Cherry Hinton, Milton Road, Chesterton, Newnham, Ditton Walk and Romsey. The nightlife in Cambridge is also very exciting and it is important that students visit a few pubs, restaurants and cafes occasionally to loosen up.

Places Where Students Reside For Short-Term Purposes

If you are coming down to Cambridge for a short course, then there are some places you can zero in on without much effort. There are short-term furnished rentals in Cambridge, Beacon Hill, Arlington, Somerville, Charlestown, Watertown and Medford. There are luxury self-service apartments in Devonshire Road, Cambridge. They are beautifully designed with all the modern amenities and luxuries. One student may not be able to afford it, but if a few students pool their funds, this would be an enjoyable place to stay. People who come for very short stays usually use these apartments. However, there are other apartments where students can afford, which are self-serviced. You will find such places and plenty of home stays in different areas of Cambridge too.

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