Cambridge Transportation

Cambridge is the second most densely populated cities in the state of Massachusetts. A popular student city, Cambridge is both easy to get to and get around, as we show you in today’s guide.

Getting to Cambridge

If you are traveling to Cambridge from overseas or interstate, then the closest airport you can arrive into is Logan International Airport. The airport offers easy public transportation straight into the heart of Cambridge – including a free shuttle bus. Other nearby airports include Boston Regional Airport and T.F. Green Airport, which are both approximately an hour away from Cambridge.

You can also get to Cambridge by AMTRAK train into Boston and then catch the subway or commuter train into Cambridge. There are also buses to Cambridge from Boston.

If you are driving to Cambridge then either take Interstate 93 to Exit 27 or Interstate 90 to Exit 18 straight into Cambridge. If you are coming from the northwest then take Route 2.

Public Transportation in Cambridge

One of the easiest ways to get around Cambridge is by public transportation. The city has a wide range of options for transport including buses, trains and a subway, which are run by the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority (MBTA). The MBTA serves the whole of the Boston area, including Cambridge.

The subway in Cambridge is called the ‘T’ and will take you to most destinations you will need to get to. There are four lines – the red, blue, orange and green lines. The green line is the most commonly used by tourists and will take you to points of interest such as Harvard Square, Kendall Square, Central Square and Porter Square. If you need to get to somewhere more specific than the ‘T’ can take you, then the bus network is very good.

The public transport in Cambridge does not run 24/7; no services run between 5.30am and 12.15am on weekdays and do not open until 6.30am on Sundays. Taxis are advised during these periods.

Tickets for both the buses and subway should be purchased in advance at ticket vending machines located at the stations.

Taxis in Cambridge

Taxis are easy to find in Cambridge and are fast, clean and reliable. The easiest place to find taxis is around the tourist hotspots including Central Square and Harvard Square. You may be able to flag one down by waving a hand, however be aware that taxis from cities or towns outside of Cambridge are heavily penalized if caught taking passengers from the street, so may not always stop for you.

There are two main taxi companies in Cambridge – Brattle Taxi and Checker Cab – both of which will accept advance bookings.

An approximate cost for a taxi in Cambridge is around $5 per mile without tip. If you want a taxi to Logan International Airport from the centre of Cambridge, the fare is approximately $55, with tips. If you are traveling from a hotel, a flat rate will apply before you start your journey.

Cycling and Walking in Cambridge

Walking and cycling are two great ways to get around Cambridge, particularly during the warm summer months. Although Boston has been rated as one of the worst cities in the USA for cycling, Cambridge has emerged as one of the best.

Cycling is a popular way to commute in Cambridge, and most of the roads have bike lanes as well as there being several dedicated bike routes around the city. Riding a bike is safe in Cambridge, and most drivers are very respectful of cyclists on the road.

Walking is another popular past time for Cambridge locals. In fact, as of the year 2000, Cambridge has the highest percentage of people who walk to work of any community (over 100,000 people) in the USA. One of the main reasons for this is because of the beautiful surroundings that greet you as you walk around, including the historic squares, exquisite architecture and more.

The city of Cambridge has made a distinct effort over the past few years to turn Cambridge into a place where walkers want to go. Their plan has included putting pedestrians as a priority on the roads and streets of Cambridge as opposed to motorists.

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